The Exceptional Grows Here

Environment can definitely impact perceptions, thoughts and creativity — and blue tomato founder Kim Collins renovated our South Side office space with that mind. The result is sleek and sophisticated, yet relaxing and fun.

Come see for yourself — in fact, we strongly recommend that every project begin with a meeting here. Getting people out of their normal work environment and into our designed-to-inspire space often stimulates new ideas and insights to get projects off to a great start.

A blue tomato Approach to PR

As a small firm, we knew it would require some heavy lifting to stand out from the scores of other designers. And trust us, we did a lot of heavy lifting to renovate a condemned 1856 rowhouse into a contemporary workspace. But all that work had a double payoff, resulting not only in one of Pittsburgh’s most enjoyable work and meeting spaces, but also a ton of positive publicity!

Click the links below for a few of the articles and news stories on our space. More importantly, know that the same dedication and attention to detail that went into creating our space is what we will bring to making sure your brand communications are spotlight-grabbers!