Exceptional Design Starts With Exceptional Understanding

At blue tomato we don’t believe in “design for design’s sake.” To be worth the investment, brand communications must be more than visually distinctive or stylish, they must also be strategically effective. That’s why our very personalized design approach starts with taking the time to truly understand each client’s industry, offerings, audiences, culture, and vision for growth.

Over the years, experience has given us a solid understanding in numerous industries, including Energy. Early-stage or mature, regional focus or international, we have worked with a wide range of companies to ensure that their brand evokes positive associations for the public, shareholders, and other audiences.

Take a look at some of the high-quality, highly effective projects we’ve done below, and read the recommendation at right from one of our clients. Then call 412.445.2720 or email us to discuss what blue tomato can do for you!

Blue Tomato has exceeded our expectations from day one. From initial design, to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, we know we can count on Kim to always be there for our Company.

Jamie Rogers Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President of Finance
Rice Energy LP