Kimberly Collins

Owner – Creative Director

Looking for a boutique Pittsburgh marketing firm with large capabilities?

Nice to meet you. We’re blue tomato.

We’re a woman-owned agency who’s made it our mission to serve our clients with fresh, and thoughtful work through a number of services — from website, and custom logo design, to social media marketing, and digital marketing services. Our unique, all-inclusive approach involves leading our design with your company’s story, and values in mind, which will set you apart from your competitors, and help you connect with your target audience.

Kim Collins began her career with one of Pittsburgh’s leading multimedia firms, before founding blue tomato in 2002 to pursue her vision of what a marketing agency should be. Through blue tomato, Kim truly dedicates herself to becoming a partner in her clients’ growth through providing exceptional strategies, design, and an even more exceptional experience.

Although blue tomato has expanded its services by leveraging a strategic network of talented individuals, we have intentionally remained a small agency. Kim’s friendly, engaging personality, vibrant creative concepts, designs, business smarts, and dedication, remain the heart of every client engagement. No matter how big or small, Kim is there providing insights, advice, and direction to ensure that your project is aesthetically distinctive, and strategically effective.

Our Process

At blue tomato, we follow a set of guidelines to create a well organized plan-of-action. From the first phone call to the final launch, we’ll lead you through the process.

  • Initial Point of Contact

    The process begins once you contact us to inquire about your marketing needs.

  • Let’s Chat

    We’ll set-up a phone call or in-person meeting to discuss the details of your project. Here, we’ll gather information to follow us throughout the entire process -- including budget, timeline, and goals.

  • We Propose

    Trust us, it’s not as serious as it sounds. During the proposal stage, we’ll put together a proposal that breakdowns all aspects of your project — from brand strategy, logo design, website design, SEO, photography, social media, and any digital, or traditional marketing services you may need.

  • Follow-Up

    We’ll follow-up after you’ve had a chance to review the proposal. Here, we’ll answer any questions you have lingering, or go over any changes you want implemented before we get started.

  • Kick-Off

    Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll get right to work. Whether that is going through a full brand strategy process, logo design, website design, keyword research and SEO, or content writing, we’ll have a plan, and schedule that’s custom designed to fit your project, time-frame, and approved budget.

  • Design & Development Process

    And we’re off! We’ll hit milestones throughout the process (Logo Design - Edits - Approval, Keyword Search and SEO - Edits - Approval, Website Design - Edits - Approval), you get the picture. We work hard on our end to keep the process simple for you.

  • Send-Off

    Once all of your projects are completed, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to go out into the world and run your business with a confident brand behind you. And if you need any supporting projects in the future, we’ll be right here to make it happen!